Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You chose her

My Name Is Mouse

I stood standing next to you.
She kept running away.
You chose her.
You never chose me.

I gave you my soft heart.
She gave you her perfect body.
You took her body.
You threw away my heart.

I showed you my love.
She showed you her pain.
You took the pain.
You ended my love.

I always noticed you.
You never caught her eye.
You followed her always.
And left me behind.

I always put you first.
She always put you last.
You still picked her.
You never chose me.

I changed for you.
She kept the same.
You chose her.
You never looked at me.

I gave you my sunglasses.
She gave you her wine.
You crushed my sunglasses.
You drank down her wine.

I offered you my hand.
She took your freedom.
You fought her for your freedom.
And let go of my hand.

I showed you butterflies.
She showed you the sky.
You took her into the sky.
Shot an arrow at my butterflies.

I told you to walk me home.
She she told you to go inside.
You waved goodbye to me.
And kissed her goodbye.

I asked for a simple hug.
She asked for you heart.
I kept waiting incase you needed a hug.
She ran away from you again.

I told you I cared for you and I'd wait.
She told you she loved you.
You chose her over me.
Because of what she could give.

I'm waiting here for you.
She's running out there chasing other guys.
I'm standing in front of you.
You notice her on the ground, after they pushed her away.
And then once again you chose her over me.

There's nothing I could do.
Nothing I could ever say.
You will always go with her.
& For me, you'd never stay.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The day you broke my heart

The day you broke my heart,
when i asked for the truth,
the day you broke my heart,
although you had already taken my tender youth.

the day you said "probably not"
when i asked if we could be,
the day you broke my heart,
you stole it from me.

i had always loved the way you looked im my eyes,
you said i was so pretty,
when we kissed,
i felt the magic flow with in me.

you said you liked me still,
but it would not work,
i cannot breath without you,
back to us my mind will sometimes lurk.

I'm in love still,
although you broke my heart,
I'm in love still,
although we are apart.